This website is dedicated to my favorite hobby, Model Railroading. In this hobby I spend a lot of time working on Model Structures. These structures are 1:87th scale in size, very small. They are built entirely for a Model Railroad layout that I plan to build in the near future. That's right, I dont currently have a Model Railroad Layout but it will come soon enough.

I have spent countless hours building model structures over my life but have only in the last few years really focused on Model Railroad structures. I have found a great joy for passing time as I spend my time over seas with my wife of almost 30 years. We are currently in South Korea but will be moving again soon, not sure where yet but the time will come.

In building these Model Railroad structures, I found a big hole in the media showing how to build Model Railroad Structures, primarily on YouTube, there simply wasn't many How-To video's out there and the ones that were out there were several years old. I started recording my builds and placing them out there on my YouTube Channel and have since amassed several build video's and many YouTube subscribers. The following has been very humbling and very exciting!

I also share some videos of Model Railroad builds I have completed here on my website, they are in fact just links back to video's on YouTube, however, I would also like to be able to share full blown articles on these builds. We'll see if I can wrangle up some time to do this.

I would like to ask that if you are not already, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Friend me on Facebook! and follow me on Twitter. I love talking trains and modeling.

Other things you will find on my website have to do with lighting a Model Railroad Layout, I spend many hours designing a lighting solution called the "LightKit". This is based around using PIC's (Programmable Integrated Circuits). This is very interesting because you can use this electronic technique to create very animated lighting sequences to illuminate the structures on a layout. To make the lights animate in the way they light up or go off, your able to get away from the usual "All On" or "All Off" look, this being the main reason for the LightKit, you can find much more information about the LightKit by clicking the links at the top of the page.

The DPM Townhouse #1 can be found on my YouTube Channel, you can find many more build video's, please subscribe! Feedback is always welcome.

Thanks for visiting my Model Structure website. The website is under construction and I plan to have much to do here for the Model Railroad Community.